Datum:   december 2, 2013

Sommarens utställning på Malmö konsthall 2013 gick under namnet 24 spaces – en kakofoni. Konsthallen bjöd in gallerier som fick en varsin del av konsthallen. Transmission Gallery i Glasgow fick en del och bjöd bland andra in konstnären Jens Strandberg (Stockholm). På kvällen den 14 augusti gjorde han en performance dit han bjudit in mig. Tillsammans genomförde vi en “ritual” kring skit i dess olika former. Oavsett om det ordagrant är skit, eller om det är mer bildligt är det ofta värdefullt och början till något bra.

Part 2 at Malmö Konsthall: Shit – Soil and the potentials of an Artist-run Gallery
aka. The Impossibility of Phenomenology, A Labor of Love/Labor of Hate, Compost Logic – Breaking Down (our?) Break-downs, Nutrients for the Soil of the Garden of Potential, Rejected Immaterials.

Together with: André Strömqvist and with the help from Kevin Dooley and the committees of Generator Projects, Transmission Gallery and Embassy Gallery, especially thanks to Yvonne Billimore.

Shit – Soil was a ritual and a conversation about shit / energy and agony / synergy. The ritual was an embodiment of all the shit and hate essential for producing an art space and perhaps also the preconditions for any production. It was a mess that connected and created a moment – a reflection on a labor of love/hate, soil/shit. The point of the ritual was to dwell on a kind of forgotten and rejected waste product and show how it is within that essential crappy existence that organisms can start to grow.

The ritual was be a schizophrenic therapy session where it was unclear who took the patient’s role. It included all the shit that one has to hide away or try to clean up in order to appear more powerful – shit that is impossible to get rid of and washes up on our minds and body in spite of everything.

The event was cacophonically followed with a conversation together with gardener and writer André Strömqvist.